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to the website of the REVOLYZER (REVOlution anaLYZER), a cage rack system to measure the voluntary running activity of mice.
Here you will find information about the REVOLYZER and the relevance of mouse voluntary wheel running.

Due to its high capacity and cost effective design, the REVOLYZER is enabling the measurement of voluntary running activity in the standard experimental husbandry of mice, as well as in pharmacological and toxicological research.
The Revolyzer® is the worlds first automated rack-mount voluntary running  measurement system. It is an easily maintainable and highly reliable voluntary running system developed by preclinics in 2008 and designed for the efficient conduction of pharmacological and toxicological studies. The Revolyzer 3TS is our current system version.
• mobile stainless steel rack
48 wheel equipped type-II cages
60 sec. log interval
records from 5 min. to 5 months
21.5" touch screen fanless panel PC
hygienic and ergonomic design
Up to 48 Macrolon type-II cages + running wheels can be mounted. All running wheels are made of polycarbonate with stainless steel treads and are dishwasher-proof, bite resistant and well-accepted by the animals. They can be easily attached with a single grubscrew.
The Revolyzer® consists of a single stainless steel rack for all necessary equipment to conduct voluntary running assays. At the front a measurement PC with touchscreen is integrated into the rack allowing instant examination of the state of the experiment.